Recent Before & After Photos

Bellevue Water and Mold Damage

The Before Photo depicts the black mold growth on the walls of this utility closet in a Bellevue home. The old water tank leaked, and the dormant mold spores gr... READ MORE

Bellevue Flooded Office

This large office in Bellevue suffered water-damaged carpeting and assemblies from a burst pipe. Fortunately, the standing water, as depicted in the Before Phot... READ MORE

Flooding in a Bellevue SunRoom

When the sun isn't shining in Bellevue, WA, you can count on rain. However, flooding can occur after a deluge requiring the swift action of SERVPRO to mitigate ... READ MORE

Hunts Point Fire Damage

The house fire in this Hunts Point home burned for a few minutes. But, that was sufficient time for oily, sooty smoke to circulate into the structure's second s... READ MORE

Family Room in Bellevue and Frozen Pipes

The cold snap also split some plumbing running through the attic of this Bellevue home. SERVPRO arrived very soon after the emergency call and checked to ensure... READ MORE

Hunts Point Water Damage Restoration

The leak from the nearby dishwasher deposited sufficient water on this hardwood floor in a Hunts Point home to cause slight warping of the floorboards. The Befo... READ MORE

Puffback in a Bellevue Fabricating Plant

The onsite furnace in this Bellevue facility was not adequately maintained, and a significant puff back occurred. The equipment and all surfaces were coated wit... READ MORE

SERVPRO and Flood Demolition in Bellevue

The groundwater was polluted with chemicals and pathogens upon rushing into this Bellevue home. The amount of water was only several inches high, sufficient to ... READ MORE

Bellevue Sooty Mess in a Bathroom

The Before Photo depicts the result of a house fire in this Bellevue home. The first-floor bathroom, close to the kitchen fire, collected a large amount of grea... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Plumbing Leak in Bellevue

Faulty plumbing, not just from a winter freeze, can result in substantial water damage to a Bellevue home. Because our SERVPRO of Bellevue West team takes our s... READ MORE