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riding water extractor on a brown carpet

Hunts Point Water Damage Mitigation

Our SERVPRO tech "rode the Rover" to extract the water from this carpet in a Hunts Point home. Our advanced equipment salvaged the expensive Berber carpet, much to the relief of our customers. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

green equipment drying carpet and walls, the table showing

Bellevue Water Damaged Class Setting

The classroom in this commercial real estate office in Bellevue suffered a split in a water line. Upon discovery, SERVPRO promptly arrived with a box truck loaded with water extractors and drying equipment. After removing the vinyl baseboard to circulate air into the wall voids, are axial fans, small air movers, and a dehumidifier completed the service the same day. We slaved the carpet, much to the delight of our client.

painted cinderblock wall, carpet on floor

Medina Flood Damage Prevention

After SERVPRO removed the groundwater from a flood in this Medina finished basement we sprayed an antimicrobial product to sanitize and to help prevent future mold infestations. Once the hollow-celled cinderblocks were dried and tested with a moisture meter, we painted the surface, as shown in the Photo, with a drylock paint to keep moisture out.

studs showing, removed wall, equipment drying bathroom

Water Demolition in Medina

The burst supply line soaked the wallboard, necessitating a controlled demolition, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO responded quickly to minimize the tear in this Medina bathroom. Our equipment will soon have the place dry and ready for a build back.

green mold growing on oak rafters in the attic

Attic Mold Found in Clyde

The funny odor alerted our customer in Clyde to call us for a visual inspection of their attic. Our SERVPRO tech discovered mold growing throughout the rafters and roofing. We can pressure blast using nonmoist CO2 dry ice pellets to clean the surfaces and then apply an antimicrobial product to inhibit future growth. The attic needs better air circulation to prevent the buildup of moisture, a conducive condition for mold proliferation.

water reflecting light from leak on carpet

Clyde Hill Water Leak

The puddle reflecting the ceiling light in this small Clyde Hill office was a small part of a larger problem. Several of the offices, with glued-down carpet tiles, required removal because they separated from the concrete subfloor. SERVPRO team of several techs vacuumed up most of the pooling water and then began the drying process upon removing the non-salvageable flooring material.

removed section of wall showing insulation and framing

Flood Damage in Bellevue

The contaminated floodwater flowed into the lower level of this Bellevue home. SERVPRO arrived within hours of the call for help, and we removed the remaining standing water. The tiled floor was salvaged, but we performed a controlled demolition on the lower drywall section as depicted in the Photo. Black Water residue can be harmful; our trained crew can safely remove the non-salvageable materials before completing the drying and then the build back.

Our Trusted Team Responds In All Weather Conditions

Snow? Ice? Heavy rain and winds? Our team always responds to emergencies even in the worst of weather conditions and all of our vehicles are outfitted for any size of winter storm. Our customers are our priority and we strive to service everyone even if it requires us to combat severe elements.  

Trust in SERVPRO of Bellevue West For Expert Inspections

SERVPRO of Bellevue West's staff is highly trained and certified in all major IICRC fields. Customers trust our expert inspections to confirm if they have underlying issues. Pictured here is moisture mapping; a key part of our inspection process to pinpoint areas of excess moisture. 

Storm Winds and Heavy Snow Creates Water Damage Issues

Strong winds and heavy snow resting and freezing on tree branches caused hundreds of trees to fall throughout King and Snohomish counties. Many homes were hit by trees causing roof leaks and water intrusion to their structures.

Improper Ventilation and Leaking Roof lead to Microbial Issue

This residence experienced a roof leak during heavy rain which came down through the attic. Poor ventilation added to the problem and compounded into a microbial issue which made the residence uninhabitable. Our team was quick to respond and mitigate the issue to eliminate any health risks. 

Bio-hazard Cleaning Services

Our team is professionally certified in bio-hazard cleaning. We have the skills and expertise to handle even the worst job sites to safely dispose of bodily fluid clean-up, strong odors and other hazardous materials. 

Respectful and Hard-working Team Members

Here at SERVPRO of Bellevue West we are not just employees, we are a cohesive team always working together to provide the best quality for our customers. Our principles are based on mutual respect and exceeding expectations; our team members exemplify these traits each and every day. 

Ongoing Education, Training and Workshops

Our Team at SERVPRO of Bellevue West is proud to provide continuing education for all employees as we see our employees as valuable assets to the company and the customers we serve. Our executive team recently traveled to Sacramento, CA to hear about the latest and greatest technology in our industry.

Dishwasher Leak in Bellevue, WA

This single family home sustained water damage from a prolonged dishwasher leak. As you can see here the floors began to buckle and had to be removed. If you ever experience water damage in your home the best thing you can do is to take action immediately and call in the professionals to minimize damage at SERVPRO of Bellevue West: 425-454-3900.

Microbial Growth in Bellevue Attic

This single family home in Bellevue, WA experienced an unknown roof leak which caused microbial growth to fester in the attic. When the homeowners went to sell the house a home inspector recommended that they call SERVPRO of Bellevue West to have the mold mitigated. Our technicians came out immediately and spared no time to clean the mold entirely. The property was ready for sale and the owners felt confident that the house was in excellent shape.

Storm Waters Flood Basement

This Mountlake Terrace basement flooded due to a severe rainstorm that caused excessive groundwater. Groundwater can carry unknown contaminants that can travel with the rain water that passes through the soil and pickup potential pesticides which become deposited in the home. We worked quickly to extract the standing water, decontaminate and begin drying the structure and contents.

Water Damage and Microbial Growth in Crawl Space

This Seattle home was affected by a broken pipe in the crawlspace which created significant visible microbial growth. Our team tackled the problem with proper protective wear and remediated the damage by removing mold, wet insulation, drying the structure and replacing the vapor barrier.

Condominium Fire

This condominium had a fire that started in the kitchen and spread soot and smoke throughout the unit quickly. The property management company asked us to respond and we worked closely with the insurance company to salvage and clean many of the household items.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was the result of a microwave that malfunctioned and caused extensive soot and smoke damage throughout the home. The kitchen was nearly unrecognizable upon arrival with heavy residue on walls, ceilings and all household surfaces.

Water Damage in Commercial Strip Mall

This vacant commercial strip mall suffered water damage after a pipe burst in the wall during cold weather. The room had standing water and required immediate extraction. Our team responded quickly and began the drying process.

Residential Storm Damage

This Bellevue home was damaged during a storm and required an emergency board-up and cleaning for the floor to ceiling windows that had broken in the living room. We securely packed and moved contents of the home so that the owners could move out while repairs were made.

Microbial Growth on Carpet

This carpet shows visible signs of microbial growth due to a water leak that went undetected. In this situation the carpet was disposed of and our team treated the area with an anti-microbial serum.

Apartment Fire

This Bothell apartment fire took place after food was left unattended on the stove. Our team worked diligently to clean the structure and pack out affected contents that could be salvaged and cleaned.

Church Fire

This devastating church fire in Mount Vernon required many hours of hard work from our team members. SERVPRO was able to salvage many items that were soot and smoke damaged. After several weeks of cleaning and repairs the church was fully functional.

Packing and Moving Services

Our team packed out a large home that was affected by water damage. All contents were cataloged and taken to our warehouse to be dried, processed and stored until the homeowner was finished with restoration and repairs.

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial building suffered a large water loss due to a broken pipe during construction. Our team arrive onsite just 30 minutes after the first phone call and began extraction services immediately.

Commercial Fire Loss

This church suffered a devastating fire from a cigarette that was not properly extinguished. Our team was the first to respond and met with the adjuster to determine scope of work. The fire damaged several rooms which needed to be gutted and rebuilt. We also cleaned and stored all of the contents for the church until their items were ready to be packed back.

Sewage Water Backup

This home had a backup of sewage water that caused extensive damage. The contaminated materials such as flooring and carpet were removed and excess moisture was dried. Our team worked diligently and quickly to restore the bathroom to normal conditions so that the family could return to their everyday lives. 

Commercial Large Loss Equipment

The commercial desiccant can move 5000 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The sole purpose is to remove excess humidity from the commercial property and replace it with hot dry air. Altogether the drying process is much quicker on a large property.

Content Restoration after Fire Damage

It is important to our customers that we take good care of the items we process and clean from their homes. We provide full packing and moving services with secured and heated storage at our Lynnwood warehouse.

Welcome to Our Office

We are located at 19327 21st Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036. Our team is available for commercial and residential emergency response 24/7 365 days a year, we make disasters "Like it never even happened."